Physics Master Final Grade Calculation

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Dear all,
The subject specific provisions for the master of science in physics of 2018 state that 5% of the overall masters grade will be calculated from elective modules totaling 12 CP. However, during the orientation event we were informed by one of the organizers that elective modules will NOT be taken into account for the final grade. So if it is true that they will not count, could you kindly provide us an updated version of the regulations?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Physics Master Final Grade Calculation

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Hi there,

this seems to me to be a misunderstanding - on the website for the degree programme I can also only find the information you have. However, to be sure, you should contact the department: ... mbuero.htm
Only there can they give you a binding answer.

Kind regards
Sandra Hoffmann
Beratung und Administration
Universität Hamburg