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Nikesh Sahshankar
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Dear Authorities,

I have seen in the campus website that the language in which Bachelors in Psychology course is taught is German/English. Could you please clarify me if it is taught in only English or only German or some modules are taught in English and some are in German?

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Best Regards,
Nikesh Sahshankar
Campus-Center - BK
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Dear Nikesh,

The language of instruction of the courses in B.Sc. Psychology can be either in German or in English. That's why all applicants have to submit proof of sufficient language proficiency in both languages.

You can find further information about "Unterrichtssprache" in the FSBs at https://www.psy.uni-hamburg.de/studium/ ... ogie-1.pdf.

Best regards,
Beratung und Administration
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