Majoring and Minoring in Master's degree programmes

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Respected sir/ma'am,
I'm planning to pursue my higher studies in Indology and I would like to know if the university provides a majoring/ minoring option for the masters programme, that is, in some universities after opting for a major subject let's say like my subject Indology in Sanskrit, they provide minoring subjects alongside, not as an optional subject. I'd like to learn manuscriptology alongside, which is a different discipline, also within the discipline; I'd like to minor in Indology in Tamil, so I'd like to know if I can minor in these subjects so that I can broaden the horizon specifically to my tastes and interests. Is this option provided in Hamburg? If it's there kindly let me know how I can include these options for my registration for the upcoming summer semester and if not is there any way in which I can pursue a degree alongside the one I have already registered in?

Kindly give me a response,

Thank you,
Krishna Prabha
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Re: Majoring and Minoring in Master's degree programmes

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Dear Krishna Prabha,

1) "...if the university provides a majoring/ minoring option for the masters programme"

No. Universität Hamburg does not offer any master's degree program that would be divided into major and minor subjects. This structure only exists in some of our bachelor's programs.

2) Please have a look at the structure of the master's program you are interested in: ... ruktur.pdf.

Part of the M.A. Indology and Tibetology is a so-called Fachspezifischer
["subject-specific elective module"][/i] (30 credit points) and a Freier Wahlbereich ["free elective module"](20 credit points).

For these two modules, different regulations apply with regard to the courses that students can choose. The details are set out in the subject-specific regulation]subject-specific regulations ["Fachspezifische Bestimmungen"] for this degree program, according to which this degree program is studied. Since these regulations are only available in German, you must contact the department responsible for this degree program if you do not have German language skills and need further explanations.

3) There is also the possibility of studying two complete master's programs at the same time (so-called "Doppelstudium", see ... udium.html - information in German only!) if some requirements are meet, but I would advise you firstly to check whether the two modules mentioned above already allow you to study the courses you want, and secondly also to think about the possibility of studying two master's programs one after the other.

Best wishes,
Thomas Walter