LLM Law Program in Ghent

Isabelle Wauters
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Dear members of the Forum,

The reason why I'm contacting you is that I'm very much interested in the University of Hamburg LLM program.

Although, while I was reading about the admission process, a doubt occured to me and it would be very helpful if you could clarify it: Are there any LLM Law programs in Ghent (Belgium)?

Thank you in advance,

I. Wauters
Campus-Center - BK
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Re: LLM Law Program in Ghent

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Dear Isabelle,

Uni Hamburg cooperates with the Universiteit Gent in Belgium.
A list can be found at https://www.jura.uni-hamburg.de/interna ... ionen.html

In case you need further advise please contact directly the international office:
https://www.jura.uni-hamburg.de/interna ... ffice.html

Best regards,
Beratung und Administration
Universität Hamburg