Payment of the semester fee

Nasir Ahmad Nasiri
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Dear Sir/Madam,

I received an email from Team Application, Admission and Student Affairs. They requested that I should pay the semester fee within the next seven days. And, if I don not pay the outstanding amount by 31.05.2022, my admission will be ineffective and I will lose my right to the final enrollment.

I would like to express my concern about the abovementioned issue. I am currently awaiting the DAAD's decision on my application for the Hilde Domin Program Scholarship which is for the summer semester of 2023. I am currently in Afghanistan, but once I receive the scholarship, I will be able to move to Germany and begin my Ph.D. at Hamburg University. Hence, I may not be able to pay the semester fee by 31.05.2022.

Meanwhile, I do not want my admission to be rendered ineffective, nor do I want to lose my right to final enrollment. Therefore, I kindly request that you advise me on the formal procedure to follow in this situation. Is it possible to postpone my enrollment until I receive a response from DAAD?

Nasir Ahmad Nasiri
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Campus-Center - Birte Schelling
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Re: Payment of the semester fee

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Dear Nasir Ahmad Nasiri,

If you do not pay the semester fee before the deadline, your enrollment will be cancelled. But you may apply for enrollment again later when you have received the scholarship. For that, you just have to fill out a new enrollment application at that time. Your admission by the faculty will not be cancelled if you enroll before September 30.

Best regards,
Birte Schelling
Beratung und Administration
Universität Hamburg