Subject-related Hochschulzugangsberechtigung

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I am a prospective student from Turkey amd I am looking forward to study Informatik(B.Sc) at Uni Hamburg According to Anabin I have a Subject-Specific University Entrance Qualification(fachorientierte HZB), which means I can only apply for same or similar subjects considering what programmes I am allowed to study in my country(I was allowed to study in Technical subjects in my country). My programme in my country is "Ingenieurwesen Schiffbau und Schiffmaschinen(B.Sc)" and I want to apply for "Informatik(B.Sc)". Would it create a problem in application?

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards,

Ali Güler.
Campus-Center - Thomas Walter
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Re: Subject-related Hochschulzugangsberechtigung

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Dear Ali Güler,

Ananbin contains the information on the recognition of foreign educational qualifications in Germany that is relevant for all institutions in Germany that carry out such recognition procedures.

If you want to know whether your particular educational qualificiation is recognized and which degree programs you are eligible for, you must submit an application for recognition of your educational degree in a recognition procedure.

You can submit the application for recognition in the recognition procedure of Universität Hamburg. You can find the necessary information on our website:

Please also read the information on our website for prospective international students, which explains the relevant regulations and procedures (admission requirements, selection criteria, recognition of foreign educational qualifications, German language skills etc.) for applying for a degree program at the Universität Hamburg: ... hluss.html.

Best wishes,
Thomas Walter