Recognition of foreign education

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Dear Team,

Can I use a VPD issued by Uni-assist to another university as a "recognition of foreign education" instead of applying to the Hamburg VPD?
Furthermore, I was finalizing the recognition of foreign education application in STiNE yesterday and then it logged out. I didn't actually finish it and I can't re-open it again nor create a new one.

Best Regards,

Rana Elsayed
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Re: Recognition of foreign education

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Dear Rana Elsayed,

if you have a VPD from uni-assist, you can use it for your application and do not have to submit an application for recognition to us.

I assume you want to apply for MIBAS. The VPD document must recognize your bachelor's certificate and show a grade. If both apply, you do not need to process the application for recognition any further.

You can submit the MIBAS application directly.

Kind regards
Sandra Hoffmann
Beratung und Administration
Universität Hamburg