Lenguage preferences on Phychology masters

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Good morning, i´m Carme Martínez, currently a psychology student from Spain, i was interested in doing my masters degree in Germany and was wondering whether the course was offered in english or not since it says online “German and English”, i don´t know if that means you can pick wichone you prefer or that clases will be taking part in both of them.
I´ll wait for your respond,
Regards, Carme Martínez
Campus-Center - Thomas Walter
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Re: Lenguage preferences on Phychology masters

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Dear Carme Martínez,

Universtität Hamburg offers two different master's degree programs in Psychology:

M.Sc. Psychologie mit Schwerpunkt Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie: Application information

M.Sc. Psychology: Application information

Both programs require German language skills at level C1 (see www.uni-hamburg.de/german-language).

Only degree programs marked "ENG" are taught entirely in English and therefore do not require any German language skills.
Degree programs marked "GER/ENG" are bilingual programs and require the same German language skills as degree programs taught in German ("GER").

Best wishes
Thomas Walter