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I would like to know the historical number of applicants for the study programs M.Sc. Economics and M.Sc. PEP to calculate the acceptance rate.

Is there any statistics available about the GPAs of the accepted and rejected applicants?

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Campus-Center - Oksana Maryskevych
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Re: Number of Applicants - ECON / PEP

Beitrag von Campus-Center - Oksana Maryskevych » Mo 11. Nov 2019, 16:18

Dear prospective applicant,

During the last application period there were 35 study places available in each requested Master’s degree program. According to our information 277 applications for the MSc Economics and 254 for the MSc Politics, Economics, Philosophy have been received.

We cannot provide you with the reliable statistical information on the required GPA score for these degree programs. Since our degree programs have competitive admission, there are no fixed minimum GPA scores. As stated on the websites of these degree programs, if the number of applicants meeting the requirements exceeds the number of available study places for these Master’s courses, the applications will be selected using the following criteria:

MSc Economics: The relevance and grades of your undergraduate degree (50%) and your letter of motivation / letter of recommendation (50%). If prospective students apply with a Bachelor's degree in sciences other than economics, the results of the GRE General/Mathematics examination may also become a selection criterion for this Master's program. See the section „Selection criteria“ on page 5: ... mics_e.pdf

MSc Politics, Economics, Philosophy: The grades of your first degree (50%), your letters of motivation and recommendation (with 20% each) as well as proficiency in the respective two other disciplines of the program (10%). For full details see the section „Selection criteria“ on page 3:

The applications are considered within the performance quota and the waiting period quota. If you wish to increase your chances of being admitted within the performance quota, focus your attention on the aforementioned documents. In case you cannot be granted admission within the performance quota, you can still be considered within the waiting period quota. Some general information about the admission procedure is provided at: ... ahren.html

Oksana Maryskevych
Beratung und Administration
Universität Hamburg