How to stop email deactivation

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I finished my masters in March, and now (Beginning of July, exactly 3 months after) got an email notifying that my email will be deactivated. But I still need the email because a) I haven't received my degree certificate yet, and b) I have a paper submitted to conference that has been accepted and I still need the email for further correspondence. So I need this email to not be deactivated.

Wrote to RPZ, and it took them ages but wrote back that it's none of their business and forwarded me to campus centre, and so I ended up here.

What should I do now?
Campus-Center - Birte Schelling
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Re: How to stop email deactivation

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Dear baw1775,

Unfortunately we cannot stop the deactivation either, if you withdrew from the university because you have finished your studies. Upon withdrawing from Universität Hamburg, your passwords, authorizations, and login details to your email account become invalid. Students who have withdrawn are no longer members of the university. The regulations of the RRZ provide system access to current members of the University only.

The RRZ probably directed you to us, because one way for us to stop the deactivation would be to re-enroll you. But if your studies are finished, we cannot do that, since there is no lawful way to stay enrolled after finishing studies. Moreover, to stay enrolled you would have to pay the full semester contribution again, which is probably a bit much for the mere extension of an email account.

Receiving your degree and certificates without access to your account is not a problem. After the account has been suspended, lecturers and academic offices will still have access to the account for the purpose of entering grades or creating final documents.

Regarding your correspondence you will have to notify the people you are corresponding with about a change of email address.

Best regards,
Birte Schelling
Beratung und Administration
Universität Hamburg