need proof of "Exmatrikulation"

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My name is Hassan Ali. I've just submitted my Master's thesis. Therefore, I have completed all the requirements of the program Intelligent Adaptive Systems. Due to visa requirements, I need proof of "Exmatrikulation" to use at the immigration office. Could you please help?

Note: I didn't register for the new semester since I finished all the courses. My matriculation number is 7015481.

I look forward to your answer,

Thank you,
Hassan Ali
Campus-Center - Oksana Maryskevych
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Re: need proof of "Exmatrikulation"

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Dear sano90,

If you wish to withdraw from Universität Hamburg, you will have to apply for withdrawal via STiNE (Studying -> Study Management -> Applications -> II Services for Students (SfS): application to withdraw). For detailed explanation see the information provided here.

In the section "Application Details" please choose:
"Application Semester" - summer semester 2021
"I plan to withdraw" - at the end of the semester
"Exmatrikulationsdatum [Date of withdrawal]" - leave in blank
"Reason for withdrawing" - Ending studies following last exam but before final record has been issued.

Approximately 3 working days after submitting the application, a de-enrollment certificate will be made available to you in your STiNE account.

Kind regards,
Oksana Maryskevych
Beratung und Administration
Universität Hamburg