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Respected Sir/ Ma'am,
my name is Krishna, I'm from India. I'm planning to join the Master's in Indology programme for the upcoming summer batch of 2022. I also wish to pursue a master's in Manuscript Cultures as my second degree to learn simultaneously with the above mentioned programme. I went through the programme details provided in the website and I have a few doubts regarding the course.

1) In the details provided about the course I came across the bachelor's level degree requirements, mostly the programme demands students who have completed their bachelor's in country/region specific history etc. I did my Bachelor's and Master's in English previously. Is that degree enough to get admission specifically for this course?

2) This course; Manuscript cultures, starts only during the Winter semester, as mentioned I'd like to take a dual degree and since Indology starts during the summer, do I get to mention about the second degree during the current registration itself? Or addition of this degree and it's registration a completely separate process? How do I proceed in either cases?

3) Regarding the fees structure, since I'm planning to do the dual degree programme is there any difference in the fees structure for both the courses? Or should I pay the full amount of both respective courses? Are there any schemes or scholarships for the dual degree programmes particularly?

Kindly give me a response.

Thank you,
Krishna Prabha
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Re: Enquiry about Dual Degree

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Dear Krishna Prabha,

1) The admission requirements for the master's program Indology and Tibetology can be found at https://www.uni-hamburg.de/onTEAM/studi ... logy_e.pdf
In case you need further help, please contact directly the department of the program. The contact can be found at the end of the document.

2) If you have been admitted to the summer semester 22 in the master's program Indology and Tibetology and are already enrolled in this program, you can apply despite this for the master’s program Manuscript Cultures for winter semester by applying for a double degree within the application period for the winter semester 22/23 (June 1 to July 15).

In addition to your online application via STiNE, you have to submit the application for a double degree as a special application (to be found in the online application). You have to submit a self-written justification for the necessity of a double degree and the confirmation of the proper feasibility of both programs. The special application has to be sent electronically within the application deadline.

Information about the admission requirements for the master's program Manuscript Cultures can be found at https://www.uni-hamburg.de/onTEAM/studi ... lturen.pdf
(valid in winter semester 21/22)

3) In case your application for a double degree has been approved, you have to transfer one semester contribution, only. Further information about scholarships can be found at https://www.uni-hamburg.de/en/campuscen ... anzen.html

Best regards,
Beratung und Administration
Universität Hamburg