Question on transferring from a non-EU country

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Hello, I am currently a 2nd-year student from the Philippines studying Psychology B.Sc.. I would like to ask if it is possible to transfer to this university as an international student, as I am hoping to apply for higher semesters for the same program I am taking.

Thank you.
Campus-Center - Thomas Walter
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Re: Question on transferring from a non-EU country

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Dear m_rthyn_,

1) For the bachelor's and state examination program at Universität Hamburg, there are basically two ways of application:
  • an application for a higher semester
  • an application for the 1st semester of the program
2) B.Sc. Psychologie

a) For the specific bachelor's program "B.Sc. Psychologie" ( ... 1175511431 - information in German only!) an application for a higher semester is not possible, because the Institute of Psychology at Universität Hamburg does not offer any study places for this degree program for a higher semester.

b) An application to the first semester of the program is possible, if you have never been enrolled for a program with the exact same name ("B.Sc. Psychologie") at a German university.

I assume this is the case. Therefore, you can apply for the first semester of this program.

3) Recognition of prior academic achievements

A recognition is possible regardless of whether you have applied for the first or a higher semester.

Achievements from your previous studies (i.e. credit points) can be credited to you for studies at Universität Hamburg, provided that they are equivalent to the ones in your chosen program at Universität Hamburg.

You can first assess for yourself if this is the case by looking at modules required in a specific program. Links to the relevant documents ("Fachspezifische Bestimmungen") can be found on the website of each program under "Studienaufbau": ... gebot.html

Subsequent questions regarding the creditability of specific achievements must be addressed directly to the academic office of the departments or faculty responsible for the degree program.

Please note, however, that at Universität Hamburg you will only receive binding recognition of your prior achievements after you have been enrolled. For some programs you can get a non-binding pre-assessment regarding the recognition before you apply, but a binding recognition will only be made once you are enrolled. It would be helpful if you could send more detailed information regarding the achievements to be recognized with your request, such as a link to the study regulations according to which the achievements were made.

4) Since you have written in English, I would like to point out that for all our bachelor's programs (incl. the "B.Sc. Psychologie") German language proficiency on the level C1 is a necessary requirement for enrollment (see

5) General information for international prospective students can also be found on our website: ... ional.html.

Best wishes,
Thomas Walter