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Query regarding enrollment

Verfasst: Do 21. Sep 2023, 13:00
von SiddhanthY
Hello sir/ma'am, I will start my Masters in Physics this Winter semester. I have paid my semester contribution but unfortunately due to the delay in the arrival of my visa, I will be able to reach Hamburg on 25th October.
I got an email regarding semester re-enrollment. Am I supposed to do that as a new student at UHH or is it only for students who have completed at least one semester?

Also, since I will be able to reach on 25th October, may I know is there is any procedure which I must complete to confirm my admission (apart from my semester contribution payment)

Thank you
Siddhanth Yeshwanth Raj

Re: Query regarding enrollment

Verfasst: Fr 22. Sep 2023, 12:08
von Campus-Center - BK
Dear Siddhanth,

This email should not be received by first semester students. Sorry that this cause a confusion.

Everything is fine with your enrollment - I would suggest to inform your academic office about your late arrival as you are not able to take part at the orientation week as well, too.

Best regards,